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Using Arrows with HubSpot

Automatically move records through HubSpot pipeline stages based on Arrows plan progress

Setup directions and video showing how to use HubSpot workflows to automatically update the pipeline stage for your onboarding record as customers make progress through their plans.

Arrows plan updates in HubSpot activity Timeline

You can send and engaged with plan notifications directly into HubSpot activity Timeline on the Deal or Ticket that the plan is associated with. Follow the steps in this article to turn on this setting in Arrows, select your desired notifications, and turn on the notifications in HubSpot.

11 Arrows data points to start syncing to HubSpot

These 11 plan attributes are a great starting place for understanding plan progress and status. You’ll first need to create the properties in HubSpot and then sync the data into them from Arrows. From there, you can build reports, dashboards, and automations based on the data coming from your onboarding plans!

Arrows <> HubSpot Setup Guide

A comprehensive guide to connecting and using Arrows with HubSpot

🔗 Editing a data connection

A walk-through for editing an existing connection between Arrows and HubSpot

💘 Using the Arrows card inside HubSpot

A walk-through for locating, reading, and taking action on your customer-facing plans without having to leave HubSpot

👀 Creating a HubSpot deal pipeline to manage customer onboarding

A walk-through for setting up an onboarding pipeline that can be used to visualize and report on your onboarding program

What plan data is available to sync to HubSpot?

A list of all available plan attributes that can be synced to properties inside of your HubSpot Deal or Ticket objects

🏗 Creating and editing an Arrows plan from HubSpot

A walk-through for creating, editing, and sharing an Arrows plan through the Arrows card inside of HubSpot Deals and Tickets

HubSpot workflow setup - create Arrows plan and a HubSpot task

A guide for setting up a HubSpot workflow to create an Arrows plan based on the deal stage a customer is in and then create an HubSpot task to notify your team a customer is ready for follow-up

⛔️ Uninstalling Arrows from HubSpot

A guide to uninstall the Arrows application from your HubSpot account after you have authenticated the two