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Autocomplete Arrows tasks based on conditions in HubSpot

A walk-through for configuring tasks to automatically be marked as done based on conditions in a HubSpot property.

You can set tasks to automatically be marked as done when they meet a condition on the associated HubSpot record for that customer’s onboarding plan!

So the value of any property on the associated record can be used as the trigger to autocomplete the task.

This means your customer always has a sense of what tasks are left for them to accomplish without you needing to worry about updating things in multiple places.

Let’s look at a basic example…

Here is a customer-facing task to Pay your invoice. The directions let the participant know to check their email and sign their quote.

Notion image

In HubSpot, we track if the invoice is paid using a property called Invoice status, with the options being “Paid” or “Unpaid”

Notion image

Setting up an Autocomplete task

In Arrows, we’ve set the above task to automatically be marked as done when the property in HubSpot equals “Paid”

When editing the task, you’ll want to toggle on the Autocomplete setting and choose the filter type for Deal or Ticket, based on which object you use to manage your onboarding plans.

Notion image

In this example, we are using the Deal filter.

From the next screen, you can search for the property you want to reference - Invoice status for this example.

Notion image

Once you have selected your property, you’ll want to set the conditions. Arrows will auto-detect values inside of the properties you ask it to reference.

In this example, we want the conditions for autocompleting the task to be when the Invoice status equals Paid

You can add additional filters depending on your needs and then press Save conditions

Notion image

Once you save your conditions, you’ll see the filter(s) you created and the options to delete or edit them from this view

Notion image

Seeing it in action

Here we can see the Invoice status is not set to anything yet, so the task is still active on the Arrows plan.

Notion image

Once the Invoice status is set to “Paid” the Arrows plan reflects that the task is completed!

Notion image

You can add different combinations and conditions to the autocomplete setup, giving you the power to do your job in one place while making sure your customer facing plans are always as current as can be!

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