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Getting Started - Implementing Arrows

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Onboarding Customers with Arrows Plans

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Using Arrows with HubSpot – Icon

Using Arrows with HubSpot

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Enhance your tasks with interactive task actions!

Arrows task actions are designed to drive action. You can add different action types to your tasks to allow your customers to schedule their next call, upload their documents, watch a video, fill out a form, and much more!

Customize and send plan invite emails from Arrows

A walk-through for how to set up and customize invitation emails for each template you create in Arrows.

Email templates for introducing customers to Arrows

A few email templates you can use to send your onboarding plan to customers to kick things off.

Arrows <> HubSpot Setup Guide

A comprehensive guide to connecting and using Arrows with HubSpot

Creating HubSpot properties for your Arrows plan data

Instructions to set up the data sync between Arrows plans and HubSpot custom properties

Locating and using the Arrows card inside HubSpot

A walk-through for locating, reading, and taking action on your customer-facing plans without having to leave HubSpot

Creating and sending an Arrows plan manually from HubSpot

A walk-through for creating, editing, and sharing an Arrows plan through the Arrows card inside of HubSpot Deals and Tickets

HubSpot workflow setup - create Arrows plan and a HubSpot task

A guide for setting up a HubSpot workflow to create an Arrows plan based on the deal stage a customer is in and then create an HubSpot task to notify your team a customer is ready for follow-up

Creating a HubSpot deal pipeline to manage customer onboarding

A walk-through for setting up an onboarding pipeline that can be used to visualize and report on your onboarding program