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Arrows plan updates in HubSpot activity Timeline

You can send and engaged with plan notifications directly into HubSpot activity Timeline on the Deal or Ticket that the plan is associated with. Follow the steps in this article to turn on this setting in Arrows, select your desired notifications, and turn on the notifications in HubSpot.

Now you can receive plan notifications directly inside of the HubSpot activity timeline on the associated Deal or Ticket for that plan!

From there, you can see all the details by expanding the notification, or jump into the plan, task, or comment to take your next action.

You can also customize which notifications you want to send to your activity timeline, so that you only get notified about topics that matter to you!

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Turn on the Timeline notifications in your Arrows settings

Click here to navigate to the Timeline settings page inside of Arrows.

Depending on when you last authenticated Arrows and HubSpot, you may need to update the authentication to allow Arrows to send notifications into HubSpot. If that’s the case, you’ll see this message and finish the process when you click Update.

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Once you’ve updated the authentication, you’ll see the option to customize which notifications you want to see inside of HubSpot.

Be sure to hit Update settings once you selected your desired notifications!

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Turn on the notification settings in HubSpot

Once you have updated your settings on the Arrows side, you’ll want to do the same in HubSpot.

Open any Deal or Ticket that has a plan attached to it and…

  1. Click on the Activity tab under the Activities section in your timeline
  1. Select Filter activity
  1. Check the Onboarding plans by Arrows option under in the filter activity menu
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These plan notifications will be associated with the Deal or Ticket that the plan is attached to during the time when the notification was created. If a plan is moved to a new Deal or Ticket, the notifications will remain on the originally associated record, and all new notifications will appear on the newly associated record.

You can always navigate back to the timeline settings inside of Arrows to adjust which notifications get sent!

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