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Set up Pipeline automations in Arrows

A guide for setting up Arrows pipeline automations to move your onboarding records through HubSpot pipelines automatically as your plan participants make their way through their plan!

You can set up automations directly inside Arrows that will automatically move your onboarding record through the pipeline stages in HubSpot as your customers make progress through their onboarding plans.

This can be set up based on certain tasks being completed, phases being completed (most common), or plan status changes!

You’ll reduce manual work for your teams and ensure onboarding progress is properly represented inside of your onboarding pipelines in HubSpot

Access the Pipeline automation panel

When editing any template, you’ll see Pipeline automation in the side navigation menu.

Click into that to get started!

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Select the pipeline

Arrows will detect your HubSpot pipelines.

Select the onboarding pipeline you wish to set up automations for.

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Begin your Pipeline automation set up

On this screen, you’ll be able to…

  1. confirm you are setting up automations for the correct pipeline
  1. confirm your pipeline stages (synced from HubSpot)
  1. and, be sure to save your automation when you’ve finished the set up
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Configure the setup

You’ll want to set the conditions that would result in your plan moving into the next stage.

In this example, we have a pipeline stage called “HubSpot Configuration” and want our onboarding record to move to that stage when the phase for “Arrows Template Setup” is completed in the Arrows plan.

Generally speaking, phases in your plans and stages in your pipelines will tend to “match” - so commonly this is the highest level condition to start with. You can set up conditions based on specific task completion and plan status changes as well. You can also add multiple “or” conditions for this automation.
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Confirm and save your automations

Once you’ve set a condition(s) for the stages you want automated, hit the Save automation button and you’ll be set to go!

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Publish or edit your automation

If you have plans already created from that template, you can publish these new automation changes now that you’ve saved your automation.

Otherwise, all new plans created from that template will be included in that automation going forward!

You can always come back to this panel in your template settings to edit or change your pipeline automations.

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Pipeline automation panel on a plan

Once you have a connected onboarding plan, the Pipeline automation panel will let you…

  1. confirm the connected pipeline
  1. see the current pipeline stage for your plan
  1. see the activity that triggered the movement in your pipeline!
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Pipeline automations are a great way to ensure your HubSpot pipelines always represent the state of your onboarding plans without adding a ton of manual work to your teams!

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