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Automatically transfer an Arrows plan between HubSpot objects

This is a setup guide for using the Transfer Arrows Plan workflow action in HubSpot to transfer an Arrows plan from one record to another (ex. sales deal to onboarding deal)

Using the Transfer Arrows Plan workflow action in HubSpot, you can automate transferring an Arrows plan from one record to the next.

For example, this is great if you are starting Arrows plans in one part of the lifecycle (sales) and using that same plan in the next stage of the lifecycle (onboarding).

The setup will require two workflows…

  1. One workflow that copies the Arrows Plan URL from the source record to the new record.
  1. One workflow that Transfers the plan itself from the source record to the new record, once the URL is known.

Note - the records must be the same object, you cannot transfer a plan from a Deal to a Ticket

Copying the Arrows Plan URL

You likely have a HubSpot workflow that is creating your onboarding record when the sales record reaches a certain milestone. For example, when a sales deal reaches the closed-won stage, a copy of that record is made and added to your onboarding pipeline.

Let’s assume the source record is Deal A (the sales deal) and the new one that gets created is Deal B (the onboarding deal).

In the workflow action that creates the new record (Deal B), you’ll want to copy the Arrows Plan URL from Deal A to Deal B.

When configuring the Create record workflow action, select Add more properties

Notion image

Choose the option to Copy a property to a deal property and choose the Arrows plan URL as the Source and Target property.

Feel free to move additional properties to the new deal as well so the next owner also has easy access to that information (dollar amount, sales notes, purchase information, etc.)

Be sure to click done.

Be sure to review and turn on this workflow

Notion image

Note - if you haven’t synced the Arrows plan URL property from Arrows to HubSpot yet, follow these instructions to do so - click here

Transfer the Arrows plan

The second workflow will use the Transfer Arrows Plan workflow action.

This can be triggered once the record for Deal B is created and added to the next pipeline (onboarding in this example).

Once the new record exists, that new deal stage can be used as a trigger to transfer the Arrows plan from the original deal to the new one.

To start, add a new action to your workflow and search for Transfer Arrows plan in the action setup

Notion image

From the next screen, select the Deal token menu and search for the Arrows plan URL token.

Select Insert once you find the token and then select Save.

Notion image

A basic version of this workflow will look something like this…

A trigger based on a record entering the onboarding pipeline and an action to transfer the Arrows plan from the original record to this new one.

Notion image

Be sure to Review and publish this workflow.

Once both workflows are running, the first one will copy the Arrows plan URL from the original record to the new record and the second workflow will then transfer the Arrows plan accordingly.

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