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Creating HubSpot properties with data from Arrows plan

Instructions to set up the data sync between Arrows plans and HubSpot custom properties

In order to get the most out of Arrows, you’ll want to sync your Arrows plan data into HubSpot custom properties. You can then use these properties to enrich your HubSpot pipelines, give your internal teams visibility into Arrows plan progress, and power your HubSpot workflows and custom reports.

In your Arrows account, click on the HubSpot tab and then click on Synced Data Points

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Click the Configure button for whichever object type you’ll be using with your Arrows plans

Arrows plans sync to deals or tickets in HubSpot. In this example, we’ll use tickets.

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Select the properties you’d like to sync to HubSpot

We recommend starting with a few you know you’ll need like Plan status, Current task name, and Plan URL - you can always come back to this page to add more properties again in the future!

Note: this will create new custom properties in your HubSpot account.

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If you’re looking for a full list of data points you can sync from Arrows to HubSpot, you can find them here: Which data points are available to sync from Arrows to HubSpot?
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