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🏗 Creating and editing an Arrows plan from HubSpot

A walk-through for creating, editing, and sharing an Arrows plan through the Arrows card inside of HubSpot Deals and Tickets

Last updated on May 11, 2022

Once you authenticate your Arrows and HubSpot accounts, you can access the Arrows card from the HubSpot Deal and/or Ticket object.

Without having to leave HubSpot, you’ll then be able to

  1. create a customer-facing plan
  1. make edits to your plan
  1. and, share it with your participants

The following video and steps will guide you through this workflow


Note: this example shows the HubSpot Deal object, you can do the same for a Ticket.

1. Open or create a HubSpot Deal to access the Arrows card

The Arrows card might be located at the bottom of right side-bar. You can drag it to the top and lock it in place as seen in the image below.


  1. Update your Deal owner as this will be the Coordinator on your Arrows plan, the person running the process on your side
  1. Update the Deal contact as this will be the Point Person on your Arrows plan, the main point of contact on your customer’s side
  1. Press the Create plan button in the Arrows card to get started
Notion image

2. Choose the type of plan you want to create

The templates you have created in Arrows will appear for you to choose from in HubSpot.

  1. Select the type of plan you want to create (or create one from scratch)
  1. Verify or change the plan coordinator
  1. Select Create plan to proceed
Notion image

3. Verify your Start and Target dates for your plan

The Start and Target dates from your template settings will be pre-filled and you can modify them as needed.

Press Continue when you are ready to proceed

Notion image

4. Confirm the Point Person for your plan

This is the same as the main Contact on the deal and will be the person you are working with directly.

You can add additional participants or update the Point Person from the next screen.

Select Go to plan when you are ready to proceed

Note: no invites are sent at this stage for the main Point Person but they will be notified of task reminders if you start to assign tasks to them on the plan.

We recommend introducing the plan and its purpose to your participants first so they are aware of the potential reminders if you do assign them tasks, here are some templates you can use to introduce the plans!

Notion image

5. Congrats! Your plan is ready to preview

Now that you have created a plan, you can

  1. preview the plan to make sure all looks good
  1. edit the settings or tasks for this specific plan (this will NOT update your main template)
  1. and, share it with additional participants if they will also collaborate on this plan
Notion image

6. Share the plan with additional participants

In addition to the main Point Person, you can add extra participants to the plan if they need to complete specific tasks, or just need visibility into the process.

To do so,

  1. press the Share button
  1. to share the plan directly with a participant, add their name and email address, and press Send
  1. if your plan settings allow for it, you can also share the plan URL directly instead of inviting folks to the plan. This is great if you are wanting to just give visibility into a process to others but they will not be assigned individual tasks
Notion image

7. Set expectations for the tasks that need to be completed immediately!

Once you have previewed the plan, you can

  1. add due-dates to tasks, so timelines are clear
  1. assign tasks to the Point Person that need immediate attention
  1. add an extra comment if necessary
  1. and, assign tasks to additional participants, on your side or theirs as needed!

Note: assigning tasks and adding comments will send notification emails to those respective

participants so feel free to do those pieces once you have communicated the intent of the plan.

Notion image

If you close this pop-up, you’ll be returned to the Deal view in HubSpot and the Arrows card will now be populated with information about your plan!

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