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Customize and send plan invite emails from Arrows

A walk-through for how to set up and customize invitation emails for each template you create in Arrows.

An invitation email to your customers about their onboarding plan is the best way to ensure their momentum continues once the sale is closed and they are ready to get started.

You can customize and save invitation emails to your onboarding and implementation plans directly in each of your Arrows templates.

Your plan participants will receive a personalized version of that email when you invite them to get started!

Note: Customers can reference that email anytime they need to get back into their onboarding plan and you’ll get visibility into when they receive, open, and click-through that email into your plan

Craft your invitation email

From your template settings, select Invitation emails

Notion image

Then, you’ll be able to…

  1. Update the subject line for your invitation emails
  1. Customize the body of your email - you can use select personalization tokens that will recognize information unique to that customer!
  1. Save the changes you make for that specific template
  1. Preview the email your customer will receive
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Note - you can save a different version of this invitation email for each Arrows template you use.

Sending an invite

When you create a new plan, you can trigger an invite manually to plan participants from the Share panel in each plan.

Press invite to send a specific participant an invitation email!

Note - we’ll let you know if that specific participant has ever been invited to the plan and/or has already viewed the plan from this same screen

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Once the invite is sent, your participant will be able to Accept their invitation and access their plan directly from that email!

You’ll notice the personalization tokens have been filled out to information unique to that plan and participant!

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Automate invite emails

You can also leverage an Arrows workflow action in HubSpot to automate creating AND sending this invite email in one go!

Using the Create Arrows plan workflow action in your workflow setup, you’ll want to be sure associated contacts are added as participants and the option to send the invite email is turned on.

Note - Deals or Tickets will need to have contacts with contact information associated to them in order for Arrows to add those folks as participants to their plans AND send them an invite email, please ensure this is part of your process in HubSpot if you choose to go this automated route.

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A video walk-through

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