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💘 Using the Arrows card inside HubSpot

A walk-through for locating, reading, and taking action on your customer-facing plans without having to leave HubSpot

You will be able to access the Arrows CRM card from inside of your HubSpot Deals and Tickets!

This card is the command center for your customer-facing plans.

You can create plans, edit them, and quickly glance at the progress being made without having to leave HubSpot.

1. Locating the Arrows card in HubSpot

Inside HubSpot, create a Deal or Ticket and scroll to the bottom of the right-side column to find the Arrows card.

Notion image

2. Move the Arrows card to make it easier to view

You can drag this card to the top of the right-side column so it’s easier to reference the next time you open that onboarding Deal or Ticket. These dots appear when you hover your mouse over the card, click and hold this while you drag the card up the column.

Notion image

Drop the card at the top of the column to lock it in place

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3. Use the card to view plan progress

Select Create plan and follow the according steps to create a plan through the card (see video below). Once a plan has been created and a customer starts to take action, the Arrows card will be the best place to monitor that customer’s progress. You can now open the plan, glance at a plan overview, and gauge progress towards your timeline, right from HubSpot

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4. Update your customer-facing plans without leaving HubSpot

The Action dropdown menu lets you control the plan directly from within HubSpot. You can view the plan, update the status, share it with more participants, and delete it directly from the Deal or Ticket

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