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Using Arrows to create and improve your onboarding journey

Tools like Arrows can be a forcing function to figure out your onboarding program and to help optimize the process, initially and over time.

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying a product or tool because you need to finalize a few more things? You need to create just one more process. You tell yourself “once I have this last step documented, I’ll be ready to move forward.”

Months have gone by, the process hasn’t been created, and you find yourself doing more work than before… all without the product or tool that was designed to help you in the first place.

We’ve all been there. Truth is, that product or tool will be the forcing function you need to actually figure out that one more little thing, or better yet, create the whole process. That product or tool will also be what helps you optimize your process, initially and over time.

Let’s use your onboarding process and Arrows as an example…

If you already have an onboarding process in place that helps set your customers up for success, wonderful, add those steps into an Arrows template, and off you go!

If you don’t have an onboarding process in place, here is how Arrows helps:

  1. Easy to set up templates - templates are where the steps to your process live. Ultimately, you are “building out your onboarding process” as you add phases and tasks to your first template. You attach that plan to each new customer you add, and now you have a process. Of course, you can customize the plan for each customer and you can add multiple templates to move customers through different phases of the journey with your product.
    1. You also now give visibility into where a customer is in the onboarding process to your favorite account executive, saving them a walk over to your desk to ask “hey, have you started onboarding yet with [insert whatever fun thought you have here]?”

  1. Learn from your customer's actions - as you add customers and use the templates you just built, you’ll quickly learn where customers are getting stuck in the process. If you notice the same task in your process is constantly over-due, you might want to clarify the description you created or maybe point to a video tutorial in your help center.
    1. And who doesn’t want data to support their product feedback, maybe a customer keeps getting stuck because the user interface isn’t as intuitive as your design team thought it was. You can leverage insights from Arrows to help tell that story.

      The point is, learn from how your templates are or aren’t working and optimize your onboarding process in real-time, while you’re still building it.

  1. Let us worry about the reminders - between creating and optimizing your process, you already have a lot going on. But you don’t want to drop the ball on tasks you need your customers to complete. That’s when Arrows reminders enter the conversation.
    1. The ability to add due dates and assign individual tasks to whoever is responsible helps make sure things keep moving. Don’t worry about sending a follow-up email if anything is missed, that’s what triggers Arrows to get to work for you and drive your customers to be more successful.

  1. Talk to us - we love talking about onboarding and onboarding programs. Shoot us a note at and we’ll gladly give you a demo and chat through your process.
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