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Using task actions to enhance the content in your plans

Arrows tasks are designed to allow you to empower your customers to take action. You can add different action types directly to your tasks to allow your customers to schedule their next call, upload their documents, watch a video, fill out a form, and much more!

The ability to add specific task actions directly within any given task reduces the need to send your customers to multiple destinations to finish your onboarding process.

And, keeping them focused within your plan increases their chances of progressing through the tasks, and ultimately your onboarding process

When you create a new task within a template or plan, you can can add one of the following action types below…

Notion image

Let’s look at some applications and how they appear within plans.


Using the Meeting action, you can add a meeting scheduling page directly into your task.

Whenever you are editing a task, make sure to hit View to get a preview of what your customers will see!

In this example, you’ll notice a HubSpot scheduling page is added to the Meeting action

Notion image

Jump to View mode to see what this task looks like…

Notion image

Without leaving their plan, a customer can select and confirm a time on your calendar

Notion image

The task will automatically be marked as done when your customer confirms their meeting time!

Notion image


Using the Form task action, you can create form fields directly into your tasks.

This gives your customers a place to provide answers to questions you have throughout the process!

You can use multiple different form formats to craft your questionnaires.

Here is an example of a form using the radio button and multi-line text formats…

Notion image

An added bonus is you can sync the answers from these forms directly into a property on the associated HubSpot Deal or Ticket for that customer.

Watch this video to learn more about syncing data between your forms and HubSpot!

File requests

The File request action allows you to request your plan participants to upload files directly from their computer.

Customers will be able to upload from their computer or drag and drop files directly into the task.

They can do multiple uploads at once and you can add multiple file requests into the same task!

Here’s an example asking for process documents from a customer…

Notion image

File download

When you use the File download, you can attach a file to the task and ask your customers to download it right from the task!

Sharing images or documents with a customer in this example…

Notion image


Using the Video task action, you can embed a video inside a task!

This gives your customers a place to quickly watch a video that will help them complete the task without needing to jump to another page!

Notion image


You can add Checklists directly into tasks. Especially helpful for internal tasks with a few extra steps to complete.

Notion image

When adding checklist items, you also have the option to add bold styling or hyperlink items within the checklist as needed.

Leveraging task actions is a great way to ensure your plan participants have access to anything they need from one singular place and reduces the need for you to send multiple emails along the way.

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