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Using Sequential Phases to ensure urgent tasks get completed

The Sequential Phasing feature in Arrows allows you to require customers to complete all of the tasks within a phase before making the next set of tasks available for them.

Turning on Sequential phases allows you to display the first phase of tasks to your plan participants without them needing to worry about everything else.

This can ensure focus on the most critical tasks, while exposing future tasks automatically as items get completed.

This can also prevent your participants from feeling overwhelmed the first time they view their plan, keeping their attention on the urgent tasks at hand.

If you use this setting on your templates, it’ll apply to all plans you create from that template. You can also turn it on for individual customers from their unique plans, if it only applies for certain customer.

By default, this setting is off. The following example will talk through turning it on for a template

Turning on Sequential phases

From the template settings, you’ll want to

  1. click Other settings
  1. flip the switch for Sequential phases to on (the default is off)
Notion image

How the plan appears when Sequential phases are on vs. off

Below, you’ll see the difference between having Sequential phases on (left image) versus off (right image).

When sequential phasing is on, we’ll indicate to your plan participants that there are additional tasks but that they’ll only become available once the current set of tasks are completed.

Where as when sequential phasing is off, we will display all future phases beyond just that first one.

Notion image
Notion image

What to expect when a phase is completed

In this example, a participant has completed the first phase, and the next phase is now available for viewing.

The prior phase is collapsed and out of the way, so the focus can remain on whatever tasks are needed to be completed next.

Again, we will indicate there are future tasks available!

Notion image

Accessing all phases and tasks as a plan manager

As a plan manager, you’ll still have access to see all future phases and tasks by clicking into the Manager view.

This view is great for showing the entirety of your plan during a kickoff call, while ensuring customers are focused as they work on their plan through the sequentially available phases.

Your plan participants will not have the option to see or click into the Manager view.

Note - if you are using “internal tasks” throughout your plan, they will also appear in this Manager view.

Notion image

Sequential phases are a great way to ensure customers know what is expected of them today, while automatically exposing what’s next as they make progress.

Keep in mind, you can toggle this on or off at anytime, and it can be adjusted at the template or plan level!

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