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Using Gates between tasks and phases

A guide for setting up Gates in your onboarding plans to control what tasks and phases a customer can see or access based on conditions of your choice!

Gates are designed to give you flexibility and control over which tasks and phases customers can see or access in your Arrows plans.1

Gates can be programmed to automatically unlock when a certain parts of the plan are completed or when certain criteria in HubSpot are met. They can also be manually unlocked by your internal plan managers!

To help you communicate to customers AND encourage plan progress, you can customize the message for each gate itself or set up automatic email reminders to trigger to customers when certain gates become unlocked.

Gates are a great way to…

  • make sure critical tasks are completed BEFORE a customer can proceed
  • help make longer, more complex onboarding processes feel less overwhelming
  • and, reduce manual workload traditionally placed on your onboarding teams

Gates between tasks in a phase

When you are in Edit mode on a template (or plan), you’ll see the option to Insert gate when you hover your mouse between tasks in a phase.

Notion image

Once you insert the new gate, your screen will look something like this…

Notion image

When you edit the gate itself, you’ll have the options to…

  1. customize the gate label
  1. set conditions as to when the next set of tasks will become available
  1. and, add and customize a notification to be sent to customers letting them know the next set of tasks are available (use this when you might expect customers to leave the plan versus continue progress like in this example)
Notion image

A customized gate label can also serve as a great communication tool between you and your customers

Notion image

Gates between phases

Gates can also be placed between phases of your choice!

In this example, the Account setup phase would only become available once EVERYTHING above it is completed.

And the Data configuration AND Launch phases would both become available once the Account setup phase is completed.

This gives you full flexibility over what you do and do not want to give customers access to.

Notion image

When you edit a gate between phases, you’ll see similar options as the task-level gates, plus the ability to set conditions to unlock the gate based on specific phase completion as well.

Notion image

Visibility setting for tasks beyond gates

From left-side template settings menu, you have the option to choose what you want your customers to see beyond a locked gate.

Notion image

When this toggle is OFF, participants can get a sense of what’s to come, but tasks and phase grey and locked.

If a participant tries to click a locked task or phase, they will see a message that “These tasks are locked”

Notion image

When this toggle is ON, participants will only see the available tasks (or phases) without visibility into the rest of the plan

Notion image

Note: you can always jump between internal and participant view to get a sense of what your plan participants will see on their side!

Gates in action on a plan

Check out this quick video to see gates in action on a plan!

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