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Embed task actions to speed up task completion

Embedding content into your mutual action plans can make it easier for your participants to get tasks done.

Embedding content into your mutual action plans can make it easier for your participants to get tasks done.

The fewer places you need to send a customer to complete a task, the more likely they are to actually completed.

As those tasks get completed, that momentum starts to build, and the rest of the plan also starts to see progress.

Getting started with embedding content

Embedding content into a task not only adds visual appeal to your plans, it also lets your participants engage with your content directly from within the plan itself.

When editing any task in a Template or Plan, you can select Add and then choose the Link or embed action to begin (see right).

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Paste the embeddable link from your source into the Paste a link field and toggle the Embed directly in plan button on.

(You can leave this toggle “off” if instead you’d like to display a button that points to your link)

Arrows supports Iframely compatible links. If your link doesn’t add the desired content into your plan, you can test it in Iframely’s website.

Let us know if you run into links that aren’t supported and we can work with Iframely to get them added.

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Embedding videos

Customers will be able to play this video without having to leave the plan itself.

Instructional videos for explaining the more complex parts of your process or product are a fantastic use for videos within a plan!

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Embedding scheduling calendars

Embedding a scheduling calendar into a task is a great way to speed up the process of getting participants to book time with you.

They will be able to scroll through your availability and select a time that works without having to leave their plan.

In the example below, you’ll see a HubSpot Meeting link embedded into a task to schedule a kick-off call.

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Embedding forms

Arrows has built in forms that can be synced directly to a HubSpot Deal or Ticket.

But you can also embed 3rd-party forms directly into tasks to capture information.

In this example, there is a HubSpot form embedded into a task. Once a participant fills out the form, that information is sent directly to HubSpot, reducing the need to duplicate work!

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Embedding shared folders

Embedding an entire Google folder is a quick way to grant access to multiple files at once.

Your participant no longer has to dig around for links or add bookmarks to documents you need to share with them, they can simply click into each file within the folder right from within the Arrows task!

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Let us know what unique use-cases you discover for embedding content directly into plans or if you get stuck along the way, we are here to help!

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