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A guide to Arrows’ email reminders

This guide details the types of notifications and reminders your participants will receive from their Arrows plan, and how you can control them!

Tired of chasing down customers with email reminders to complete tasks that you’ve assigned to them? Us too…

The reminders from Arrows are intended to do all the chasing for you, letting you focus your valuable time elsewhere.

Arrows will send participants a reminder email anytime…

  1. tasks are assigned
  1. tasks have an upcoming due-date
  1. tasks are over-due
  1. or, tasks have a comment with an @mention on them!

We also send a digest email every Monday so your plan participants get an overview of their upcoming tasks for the week.

For your plan coordinators, the digest gets sent every weekday for their respective accounts!

These reminders are intended to be clear and concise, driving your participant to take action on their plan.

This article covers the types of notifications that are sent and how you can customize them for your needs!

Adjusting the default notification settings for all of your templates and plan

Click here to view and adjust your email notification settings.

From here, you’ll have the option to determine

  1. if plan managers (your internal team) should receive a digest email on weekdays
  1. if plan participants (your customers who receive a plan) should receive a digest email every Monday
  1. if plan participants should receive weekday reminders for tasks with due-dates
  1. the lead-time (1-7 days) for sending a participant those reminder email for upcoming tasks
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Note: updating these organization settings will update the defaults for all templates and plans on your account.

You also have the ability to update an individual participants notification levels - more details below

The email reminders

Weekday digest for plan managers (your internal team)

Every weekday morning your plan managers (your internal plan coordinators) receive an Arrows digest.

This digest will the customers with plans that are assigned to that coordinator, along with any tasks they assigned to them directly.

This will provide a high-level overview of upcoming and overdue tasks for the week.

Here is an example digest a plan manager might receive:

Notion image

Monday digest for plan participants (the customers you share a plan with)

For each of your plan participants (your customers), the Monday digest lists the tasks they are accountable to complete that week and those that are overdue, if there are any!

The email will also contain any tasks in the current phase the customer is.

Here is an example reminding the folks at Acme Co to upload their existing documents, accept their Slack channel invite, and grant HubSpot access!

Notion image

Upcoming and overdue due date emails

An email similar to the digest is sent for tasks with upcoming and overdue due dates (depending on your notification settings).

The idea is simply to remind your participants of this task and encourage them to open the plan to complete it.

Comment notifications

And if the automated reminders still don’t do the trick, you can send comments to participants directly from the task.

This gives the participant a chance to reply with clarifying questions or an update.

And yes, this also sends a reminder email with the goal of getting your participant back into the plan to take action!

Here is an example of what that looks like:

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Adjusting the notification settings for individual participants

In addition to the organization-level settings we discussed above, you can also control the tier of notifications each participant receives for a given plan.

This is also the same controls a participant has if they choose to update their own notification settings through the link in every email.

One participant might need to be notified of everything, while one might only need to be notified when a task pertains directly to them.

And one participant might not want any notifications at all, just access to the plan.

From any plan’s Participant panel (the Share button), you can select Edit and adjust the notification settings accordingly for that participant

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As you create more plans and assign more tasks, the reminders will help keep customers moving forward and highlight steps in your process where they might be getting stuck, ideally ones you quickly iterate on and add clarity to keep things moving.

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