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🔗 Editing a data connection

A walk-through for editing an existing connection between Arrows and HubSpot

Last updated on May 23, 2022

You can send data between Arrows plans and properties on HubSpot Deals and Tickets through data connections!

The video and the steps below cover how to edit or delete an existing data connection between Arrows and HubSpot.

Note: this example shows a HubSpot Deal object. This is also possible for HubSpot Tickets!


1. Head to the Arrows integrations tab to make changes

From the Integrations tab in your Arrows dashboard, expand the connection you wish to edit and select Edit connection settings

Notion image

2. Editing an existing data sync

To edit the attributes for fields that are already synced, expand the drop down for the Arrows and/or HubSpot side. When you have picked the updated attribute, select Finish Setup and data will start to sync between those fields!

Notion image

3. Adding additional syncs to an existing connection

You can also add additional data syncs to a single connection. Select Add another field to sync and then choose your Arrows and HubSpot attributes accordingly. When you have picked the new attributes, select Finish Setup and data will start to sync between those fields!

Notion image

4. Deleting an existing connection

If you need to delete a connection, expand that connection from the Integrations tab inside of Arrows and select Delete Connection. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the connection before proceeding.

Note: this will delete ALL of the syncs included in that particular connection

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