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Automatically move records through HubSpot pipeline stages based on Arrows plan progress

Setup directions and video showing how to use HubSpot workflows to automatically update the pipeline stage for your onboarding record as customers make progress through their plans.

As customers finish tasks on their onboarding plans, you can use HubSpot workflows to automatically move their associated record through your onboarding pipeline.

This way everyone at your organization can easily see where customers are in the process and your teams don’t have to manually update HubSpot stages for their onboarding records!

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Note: You’ll need to sync data from Arrows into a custom HubSpot property. This will be the trigger for starting the workflow. In this example we’ll use the data point Arrows Current Phase Name.

Click here - to learn how to set up data connections between Arrows and HubSpot

Video walk-through

This video ~5 minute video will cover the entire process and you can find written instructions below

1. Set enrollment trigger for workflow

In HubSpot, navigate to the workflow page (under the Automation menu) and create a new workflow from scratch.

You’ll want to make sure you set up a deal-based OR ticket-based workflow in HubSpot depending on which object you are using to manage your onboarding process.

In this example we are using a Deal and our trigger is the Arrows current phase name.

Set up the workflow trigger when “Arrows Current Phase” (or whatever you’ve called this property in HubSpot) “is known”.

Note - you can choose other Arrows data points as triggers for this workflow, the current phase name is the most common way to go about setting this up.

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You’ll want to make sure that Re-enrollment is turned ON for this workflow so that it can keep updating as Arrows phases get completed.
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2. Set up an if/then branch action

Click on the + button below your Deal enrollment trigger that was just set up, then click on “If/then branch” within the “Branches” section on the right sidebar.

You’ll want to set up a separate branch for each Arrows current phase name.

Here’s an example of the branches we created…

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3. Create an action to update the pipeline and stage name based on the if/then branches

Click on the + button below the first branch that was just set up, then click on the Set property value action

  • Target object field should be set to Deal (or Ticket)
  • Property to set field should be set to Deal pipeline and stage (or Ticket)
  • Deal pipeline and stage should be set to the deal stage that should be associated with the current branch being edited
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4. Name your workflow and turn it on

All that’s left is to name your workflow and make sure it’s turned on.

Now, any deals that have an Arrows plan attached will move between the deal stages in your pipeline automatically based on the current phase in the Arrows plan being known.

Here’s a preview of what a full workflow might look and feel like…

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